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HSE Policy

Health Safety and Environmental Policy

BGL affirms its commitment to provide safe work place and clean environment to its employees and other stakeholders as an integral part of its business philosophy and values.

We will continually enhance our Environment Occupational Health & Safety (EHS) performance in all our activities and services through a structured EHS management framework. The Management accepts the responsibility and every employee of BGL have been made responsibility and every employee of BGL have been made responsible for the protection of Environment Health and Safety. Towards this commitment, we shall..

  1. Establish and implement Environment Health Safety Manegement System.
  2. Ensuring and mainteining compliance with applicable EHS regulations to all our activities.
  3. Eliminate, minimize and / or control adverse environmental impacts and occupational health and safety risks by adopting appropriate EHS Management Practices.
  4. BGL will provide safe and Healthy operations and create a safe working environment and in which employees, contractors and public will not be exposed to any health hazards.
  5. Provide training, awareness and enhance skill and competence of our employees and contractors so as to enable them to demonstrate their involvement & Responsibility for a sound EHS performance.
  6. Adopt a risk-based approach to the design, construction and operation of all the facilities of the organization.
  7. For continual improvement of EHS Management System our HSE Performance will be measured on a continuous basis and will conduct business in a manner to protect Health and Environment