Emergency - HYD: 1800 599 6991 | VJA: 1800 599 6992 | KKD: 1800 599 6993


DO's and Dont's (Domestic customers)


  1. Turn off the valve on gas line near PNG meter and regulator.
  2. Open all the doors and window of the area.
  3. Immediately stop gas stove.
  4. Cover the gas leakage point with a wet cloth.
  5. Keep away people from the leakage area.
  6. Immediately inform to BGL officers and local fire brigade regarding the emergency situation.

Don’t s

  1. Do not use any open flame like match box etc.
  2. Do not on/off any electrical appliances.
  3. Do not get panic and stay away from the emergency area.
  4. Do not spread rumor in case of emergency.
  5. Do not use mobile phone near gas leakage area.