Emergency - HYD: 1800 599 6991 | VJA: 1800 599 6992 | KKD: 1800 599 6993


DO's and Dont's (Commercial and Industrial customers)


  1. In case of gas leakage/fire, close the inlet isolation valve of MRS (Meter Regulating Skid)
  2. In case of any emergency viz. Gas leakage, immediately contact to BGL officers.
  3. In case of Fire dial 101 to inform fire services.
    In case of gas leakages, immediately evacuate affected area.
  4. Maintain good housekeeping in & around MRS.
    Maintain Fire extinguishers in good working condition.
  5. Please contact BGL officers in case of any problem with MRS.

Don’t s

  1. Don’t start fire/hot work near MRS.
  2. Don’t smoke near MRS.
  3. Don’t use mobile phone and camera near MRS.
  4. Don’t store or allow to accumulate waste material/items near MRS.
  5. Don’t tamper with MRS.
  6. Don’t park any vehicles near MRS.
  7. Don’t block the access route of MRS.