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PNG (Piped Natural Gas)

PNG Feasibility Criteria

Technical feasibility for laying MDPE:

  1. Should have provision to lay MDPE pipelines and shall have free access in case of any emergency.
  2. The connectivity should not pose any hindrance or safety hazard.

Narrow lanes, water logging areas, under developed areas etc. are technically not feasible for laying of the pipeline.

Technical feasibility for installation of GI:

  1. The support for the pipeline shall be a permanent structure like concrete wall. The pipeline cannot hang after installation.
  2. The pipeline route shall be such that it enters kitchen directly. It cannot pass through the living or other rooms.
  3. The pipeline shall enter the kitchen only through vertical walls.
  4. The pipeline shall be installed such that it is freely accessible in case of emergency.

General feasibility criteria:

  1. Regulator shall be installed on a permanent structure like concrete wall.
  2. Meter shall be installed at open to atmosphere place at a minimum distance of 300 mm from any electric point/cable.