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PNG (Piped Natural Gas)

Terms & Conditions

The agreed terms and conditions between Bhagyanagar Gas Limited(BGL)(hereinafter referred to as “Supplier”) and the applicant(hereinafter referred to as “Customer”) for the supply of Piped Natural Gas(PNG) are stated below.


  1. “Supplier” means Bhagyanagar Gas Limited(BGL).
  2. “Customer” means the applicant for a domestic Piped Natural Gas(PNG) connection.
  3. “PNGRB” means petroleum and Natural Gas regulatory Board.
  4. “Last Mile Connectivity” means equipments and installations used for providing PNG connection as defined in PNGRB Regulations 2008.
  5. “SCM” means standard cubic meter of Gas means quantity of gas required to fill one(1) cubic meter of space when the gas is at an absolute pressure of seven hundred and sixty(760) millimetres of mercury and a temperature of fifiteen(15) degrees celsius.

Supplier’s Rights and obligations:

  1. The supplier shall make all efforts, as a prudent City Gas Distribution Company to install the connection within reasonable time from the date of registration, subject to availability of access to the customer’s premises.
  2. The supplier shall supply gas at a pressure of 21 millibar to all domestic customers and maintain the maximum flow rate of 0.75 SCM per hour only for kitchen application only. However the fow rate may change for any additional applications.
  3. The supplier reserves the right to select safe and best possible pipeline route to provide PNG connection to individual residential units having necessary safety and statutory clearances.
  4. The supplier shall convert the existing LPG burners to make it compatible for use on PNG for the first stove/appliance. Any subsequent conversions would be carried out on payment of applicable charges as prevailing at the time of receipt of the request.
  5. Meter reading shall be taken during the period commencing 10 days prior to the last date of respective billing cycle. Bill shall be raised on the customer once in two months on the basis of actual meter reading conveted into Standard Cubic Meter(SCM) by applying correction factor. Any error in the amount if any will be adjusted in the next bill on the basis of actual meter reading obtained. In such case if the customer desires the bill based on actual meter reading, he/she may inform the current meter reading to the supplier within 5 days from the last date of respective billing cycle through letter containing the complete details including the meter number and Customer Relationship Number.
  6. Each meter shall be treated as a separate connection. Extension from one floor to another floor shall be treated as new connetcion. However extension in the kitchen on the same floor can be provided with extra charges as prevailing rates.
  7. The modification of existing PNG installation may be carried out on request of the customer along with the payment of applicable charges (Non-refundable) as prevailing at the time of receipt of such request. Acceptance of any such request for modification is subject to conformity to relevant technical and safety standards.
  8. If the banking instrument issued by the customer gets dishonoured for any reason, admimistrative charges of Rs. 118/-(Subject to changes) shall be levied and recovered from the customer in addition to interest, if any, without prejuidice to the right of the supplier to initiate appropriate legal proceeding and bankers charges against the customer for the said dishonour.
  9. The supplier shall not use customer information obtained for a purpose other than for which it was obtained. The supplier shall not disclose the customer’s information to any person/entity other than PNGRB, central and state Governments and other statutory authorities without the consent of the customer in writing except for the following purposes:
    a) Billing or Market Operation. b) Law Enforcement.
    c) When past due accounts of the customer have been transferred to a debt collection agency.
  10. Supplier shall take all reasonable steps to ensure a regular and consistent supply of PNG to the customer. However, in the event of any interruption due to force majeure like natural calamities, war and other unforeseen events etc. beyond the control of the supplier, the customer shall have no claim whatsoever, for the interruption of the supply. However, the supplier, as a prudent City Gas Distribution Company shall make all efforts to restore the PNG supply at the earliest.
  11. The supplier shall inform the PNG customers through RWA/managing committee of the affected society/area/colony of any planned shut down for maintenance activity in the respective area.

Termination or Suspension:

The supplier can suspend/terminate the Gas supply of the consumer if:

  1. Consumer fails to pay the supplier any sum under the Supplier’s terms and conditions; or
  2. Consumer fails to comply with any of its obligations or commits any breach of the covenants; or
  3. Consumer passes away and the successors do not submit to the supplier necessary documents within reasonable time as required by the supplier; or
  4. The particulars as furnished by the customer in the application are found to be false or inocrrect; or
  5. In case of any theft/fraud or any act by the law time being in force.
  6. Gas connection is found under temporary disconnetcion/Gas is not consumed for more than 2 years.
  7. In the event of termination of gas supply, without perjuidice to the rights of Supplier. Consumer shall be liable to pay all amounts due and payable by consumer up to date of termination of Gas supply.
  8. BGL is unable to access the PNG installation/meter installed at the premises for a prolong period, even after repeated efforts/attempts.

Customer’s Rights and Obligations:

  1. The supplier has an obligation to provide 10 meters of GI pipe before metering unit and 5 meters of copper tube / pipe after metering unit and rubber tube. However if the customer desires additional length of Gl/copper tube/pipes in the premises, the same shall be provided by charging the cost of material and labour charges as per rates applicable at the time of execution and as declared by the supplier.
  2. It shall be the responsibility to the customer to provide access to the route as decided by the Supplier for laying of pipeline inside the boundary wall of the premises of his/her residence. However, in case of flats located in multi story housing societies, the Customer shall arrange NOC, if required for laying of pipelines, through the common portions/areas/walls inside of such housing complex, from the person/society concerned. In the event of non-receipt of such clearance in a reasonable time frame supplier shall cancel the registration and refund the security deposit.
  3. The Custamer undertakes to provide the Supplier with the proof of requisite safety and statutory clearances from the competent authority at the time or registration. The Customer is under obligation to provide the proof of ownership/tenancy of the premises to the satisfaction of the supplier at the time of submission of the registration form.
  4. The Customer shalt make use of the PNG Supply for domestic purpose only and that too in the registered premises only and shall not re-supply to any other person or property under any circumstances.
  5. Allfittings & equipments as provided by the supplier for the purpose of supply of PNG shail remain the property of the Supplier. The Customer shall remain the Custodian of such properties and shall ensure the safety of these equipments.
  6. The Customer will not permit interference with PNG equipment and supply line by any person not authorized by Bhagyanagar Gas Ltd. Only the Supplier’s authorized representative will have access to rectify any problem and maintain the equipment. Any unauthorized concealing /tampering / relocation of PNG installation is not permitted and shell be solely at the risk and cost of Customer. in such cases, the Supplier would forfeit the security deposit of Rs. 5,000/- The Supplier reserves the right to discontinue PNG supply in case PNG equipment has been interfered with.
  7. The customer shall ensure a access to the meter reader, authorized by Bhagyanagar Gas Ltd., for periodical meter readings and maintenance checks.
  8. The customer shall ensure the proper & timely payment of gas consumption bills, which shall also include the LMC charges, and/or Network Tariffs decided from time to time in accordance with the PNGRB Regulations 2008. Customer shall make full payment; against the bill raised bythe Sup plier within 21 days from the date of billing. Any default in the payment of bill will attract a penal interest of Rs. 59(Including GST) per month. Non receipt of a. PNG consumption bill shall not be sufficient ground for non-payment of bills. In case Customer has not received Quarterly bill he/she is under obligation to obtain duplicate copy of same from the Supplier.
  9. In case the Customer fails to pay two consecutive bills, gas supply will be discontinued without any notice. The supply shall only be resumed by Bhagyanagar Gas Ltd. after clearance of all the outstanding bills with applicable interest. A minimum amount of Rs. 3000/- shall be charged as reconnection charges to cover the expenses involved in disconnecting & reconnecting the supply. In such cases, Supplier reserves the right to resume PNG supply with Smart-Card enabled metering system.
  10. All the payments shall be made by as per the modes evolved by the supplier from time-to-time. Following modes of payment shall be acceptable by the supplier :
    a) Cheques
    b) Demand Draft
    C) Electronic Fund Transfer
    d) RTGS, etc.
  11. The customer in addition to the per unit cost of gas has to bear & pay, taxes levied as applicable from time to time.
  12. Supplier may install a Smart-Card enabled gas meter as part of PNG installation and the same shail be acceptable customer without any objections.
  13. Customer can buy / recharge prepaid smart cards for supply of PnG from various authorized channels made available by the Supplier from time to time. For Customers provided with smart card enabled gas metering system, Clause No. 9 & 10 under Customer’s rights & obligations shall not be applicable.
  14. In case the Customer desires to surrender the PNG connection, the Customer would be required to submit a written request along with the original receipts to payment made towards the payment of refundable security deposit. The security deposit would be released after deducting the final bill amount and other dues, if any, after taking the meter and other fittings the meter and other fittings in the safe custody of the Supplier.
  15. Customer understands that rubber is a consumable component of PNG installation. Customer is under obligation to get it replaced annually with payment of applicable charges. Customer shall also ensure that if at any time during the usage/non-usage of PNG connection, any damage is detected in the rubber tube, PNG supply should be stopped immediately and a request for replacement of damaged rubber tube with applicable charges should be placed with the supplier. No request for compensation/adjustment in the PNG consumption bill on account of leakage of gas caused due to damage of rubber shall be entertained.
  16. The customer has to surrender the existing LPG connection (if any) for safe custody with OMCs within 60 days from the date of obtaining PNG connection. In case of non-compliance, PNG connection will be discontinued.
  17. The customer will be issued safe custody voucher by the OMC company on surrendering the LPG cylinder and Security Deposit against the “same will be refunded by the OMC dealer. The Customer can avaii re-connection of LPG cylinder anywhere in India on payment of same Security Deposit amount.