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PNG (Piped Natural Gas)

PNG (Piped Natural Gas)

Piped Natural gas (PNG) is used for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Consumption. PNG has several distinctions to its credit-of being a pollution free fuel, economical and safer fuel being few of them.

Few benefits are as under:

Uninterrupted Supply: PNG is being supplied through pipe 24X 7. PNG offers the convenience of ensuring continuous and adequate supply of PNG at all times, without any problems of storing gas in cylinders.

Convenience: Since the supply of PNG is continuous, the domestic consumers is relieved from the task of booking LPG cylinder and waiting for the delivery man for delivery. Further there is no storage space required. In case of Commercial and Industrial consumption, the customer is relieved from storage space for the fuel and fuel inventory management as they don’t need to monitor the fuel stock and material handling.

Safety: Natural Gas is a safe fuel. In case of leakage, NG being lighter than air, disperses in the air.

Economy: PNG is economical to LPG and any other liquid fuels. Further in the case of PNG, billing is normally after a cycle of fortnightly /monthly /quarterly after the use by the consumer whereas the consumers pay upfront for any other fuel used by them. Thus there is savings on account of release of working capital for the commercial and industrial sector and deferment of expenses for the domestic sector.

Eco friendly fuel: PNG is one of the cleanest burning fuels, and helps improve the quality of air. When natural gas burns completely, it gives out carbon dioxide and water vapour. These are the very components that we give out while breathing!

No spillage and pilferage

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