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Board of Directors

Shri Dilip Kumar Pattanaik


Shri Dilip Kumar Pattanaik, Executive Director- Natural Gas and Renewables, is an alumnus of NIT Durgapur from where he graduated in Mechanical Engineering in the year 1983 and thereafter joined in HPCL.

He has the distinction of having worked in Retail, Direct Sales, and Aviation and presently in Gas & Renewables.  While in Retail, Direct Sales and Aviation, he had handled critical functions in Retail Marketing and now currently heads the Gas & Renewables department as Executive Director based in Mumbai.

 During his tenure of 35 years he has handled 3 Regional Offices (Mangalore, Delhi and Secunderabad) and headed 2 Zones (North West and East Zone). Earlier he was also in Board of  MAFFFL, a Joint venture between Oil PSUs and Mumbai International Airport Private limited (MIAL).

 Apart from BGL, presently he is in the Board of Godavari Gas Pvt Ltd & Hindustan OIL Gas Pvt Ltd and HPCL Shapoorji Energy Pvt Limited.